Reading Roundup: “Whiter Than Snow” by Joan Deppa


Bonnie Turner has moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, referred to as the UP. After a chance encounter with Brad Jorgenson, she finds herself taking part in recreational activities destined to turn her into a “Yooper”. The activities help her, and Brad build a friendship, and Bonnie to learn that Brad is harboring some pretty intense feelings about his past.
I judged this book by it’s beautiful cover and was genuinely excited to read it. The overall story was good, and I found the bible verses, prayers, and discussions about God to be both relevant, and inspiring. It gave me a new perspective in how to engage in a bible study. However, I did not feel as if there were any exciting scenes. The story itself is very predictable. There weren’t any major conflicts, or rising action. The minor conflicts were very quickly resolved, and I kept waiting for more. I felt as if there wasn’t any depth to the story, and there were many instances where I felt it lacked details that would have helped me connect more to the characters in the story. Many of the events that could have provided more drama or suspense in the story were skimmed over, or told through dialogue. I do not feel like I got enough of Brad and Bonnie’s story up to this part. The potential is there, but I think it needs more development, therefore I would not recommend this novel to other readers.
I read this novel on my IPAD and received it free from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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