Reading Roundup: “The Bookshop of Yesterdays”


Miranda Brooks grew up in awe of her Uncle Billy and the elaborate scavenger hunts that he would create for her.  It is through him, and his bookstore that she learned of many great works of literature.  On Miranda’s twelfth birthday, her mother and Billy had a falling-out, which resulted in the end of her and Billy’s relationship.  Sixteen years later she learns that he has died, left her with Prospero Books, and one final scavenger hunt.  Miranda finds herself on a journey that she never expected as she looks for clues that explain what caused the rift between her mom and Billy, and provide her more answers than what she bargained for.

This novel, written by Amy Meyerson, took me some time to get into.  However, once I got invested into the characters and the conflict of the story, I found myself turning page after page in an attempt to discover Miranda’s story.  While I was able to figure out the plot very early, the various subplots kept me entranced in the story.  This beautifully written novel deserves 4 out of 5 stars.


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