Reading Roundup: “Catching Christmas”

Finn Parish is just another cab driver in an Uber obsessed world.   Once a prominent chef, he is now barely making ends meet and relying on his fares to pay his rent.   One day, shortly before Christmas, he gets a call from dispatch about a fare who must be taken to the doctor.  Upon arriving at the house, he finds an elderly, wheel-chair ridden woman named Callie who is clearly suffering from dementia.  Finn wonders how her family has left her on her own. 

Syndey is Callie’s granddaughter and a lawyer at a prestigious law firm that has just announced a series of job cuts.  Sydney has to balance her work life as well as her grandmother, and she feels as if she is failing at both.  Through a series of events, Finn and Sydney begin to connect over Callie, and work to provide her with the Christmas she desires. 

This story proved to be a wonderful read as we near the Christmas season.  The characters are charismatic, witty, and relatable.   Although short, I felt like the storyline was developed and provided me with the pick-me-up that I needed.  I would give this story four stars and would recommend it for others to read. 

I read this novel on my IPAD and received it free from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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