Word of the Year

I had never thought about picking a word to live by.  I had always made “resolutions” if you can call them that.  Sure, there were the usual ones like eating better, and losing weight.  However, most of my resolutions were about me being a better person.  To do better than I had done before.

Here it is January 7th, and I have finally found the word that I want to live by for 2019.  It really shouldn’t have been that hard.  I wanted a word that would truly change something.  Change me.  Change others.  My word should have been change, and I almost selected it.  Almost.  As I sat in church yesterday morning I was about 95% sure that was the word I was choosing. Even one of the Facebook quizzes said that would be my word for 2019, and they know all, right?  However, as I sat listening to the sermon on Mark 1 there was something said that I couldn’t shake.  I wrote it down in my notebook and continued listening.  The more I thought about the quote, the more it resonated with me. 

“A church without love is nothing but a group of people gathered together.”  I kept rehashing this quote over and over.  I started thinking about the word love and all of its implications. We use it so carelessly.  We say we love a TV show.  We say we love someone’s outfit.  We use the word love to mean anything that we like, or just to give a superficial compliment to.  We are all guilty of it, and yet when someone uses that word to describe something of ours, it makes us hold our heads just a little higher. 

I want the word love to be my word of 2019.  I want the word love to mean something in my life.  I don’t want to use it generally.  I want love to not only come from my mouth, but by my actions as well.  I always tell my kids that actions speak than words and I want to be that example for them. 

When parenting, and more importantly disciplining, I want my kids to understand that my reasons are because I love them and want what is best for them.  This means, allowing myself time to process what happened.  This means that I will speak calmly and rationally to them when I am upset. 

I want my husband to know how much I love him.  I want to do things that show him this.  Whether it be getting him things that I know he likes or leaving him small notes.  I want to hold his hand more that I hold my phone.

I want my friends and family to know that I love them.  If someone is going through a tough time, I want to offer them support and encouragement. 

I want strangers to see me as a loving and caring person.  This means showing them kindness.  Helping them carry their groceries to their car or picking something up that they dropped. 

1 Corinthians 16:14 tells us to “Do everything in love”.  What better way to live? fffff52006f0

3 thoughts on “Word of the Year

  1. Great word and focus for the year – and for our lives, really! We do use the word a little too casually, don’t we? I hope that the way I live shows a genuine Christlike love, but it’s always a work in progress!


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