Reading Roundup: “Going Home”

This story was charming.  The story line was a roller coaster of events, each helping to shape and mold Lettie into the person she was.  While I personally would have rather had some of the story lines developed more, I can understand the appeal of this story to a reader.  This story left a lot of questions for me, and some unresolved feelings.  I am hoping that they will be resolved in the sequel. 

“Going Home” follows the life of Lettie, a former foster child who has left her home of Dayton in California.  After being disillusioned with her life there, she finds her way to Oregon and an area that is on the brink of exploding into one of the countries premier wine-making areas.  Through the course of this book, we see Lettie as time passes on, and through the many facets of her life.

I received an e RC from Netgalley, in exchange for my honest and voluntary review. fffffffffffffff

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