A Review of SchoolhouseTeachers.com

Every superhero needs a sidekick and we all know that homeschool families are made up of superheroes.  They may not run into burning buildings, but they give of themselves every day to ensure that their children are getting the best possible education that they can.   There is no leaving work for the day.  It is a part of who we are.  If we aren’t deserving of a sidekick, then I am not sure who would be.  A sidekick, by nature, is a companion or partner.  This is exactly what SchoolhouseTeachers.com is.  The Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership is the sidekick that every homeschool family needs.  I was recently given the opportunity to review this amazing product and I cannot believe the wealth of resources and information that I now have at my disposal.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com is an amazing tool for any homeschooling family.  This website is a database that allows any user, regardless of their homeschool resume, the ability to provide their students with highly engaging, diverse lessons on nearly any topic.  The website is so easy to use.  Once you have logged in, you are able to search for resources in elementary, middle school, and high school courses.   There is a wealth of online classes, and online electives at your disposal.  This website can be used to supplement current curriculums or used as a standalone curriculum. It can be used by anyone in homeschooling whether it be the veteran teacher or by the person whose “Letter of Intent” ink is still wet. Everyone has something to gain from the use of this site.

This image shows you the variety of courses that can be found on SchoolhouseTeachers.com

My first choice to explore was the Bible courses and was amazed to find a variety of resources available to me.   Once I accessed the Bible courses and chose my children’s age range, I was provided with several classes.  Each course is denoted with an icon, that shows what type of resources that it contains.  For example, “A Different Kind of Bible Study” is marked with a red triangle which indicates to me that it is a video component.   This has been an incredibly hectic week for me, so this appealed to me, because it allowed my children to be independent with this course.  My daughter and I have started the “Extraordinary Women of the Bible” lessons.  Together, we are learning about the women of the bible and the amazing traits that they possess.  My goal is to show her what biblical woman are like. 

This graphic shows what lesson components are, the symbols used, and how you can identify what each class consists of.

World Book is another feature on the website that I am excited about.  The use of encyclopedias has diminished with the use of the internet.  Gone are the days that students will use a book to research a topic.  World Book has thousands of articles that can be used in research but it also lesson plans, videos, and games. 

I remember being in school and our teacher dragging out the TV cart and VHS tapes so that we could watch a video that pertained to what we were learning.  Today, teachers use other resources to do this same thing.  Using these resources can be very risky.  They are notorious for having ads that are less than desirable for your child to view.  With the use of SchoolhouseTeachers.com, and RightNow Media, I know that the content my kids see will be appropriate.  I do not have to worry that they will accidentally stumble across something that they do not need to see.

            While everything that I have mentioned are amazing components of the website, my favorite component is the “Planning” section.  This section includes a variety of tools that anybody can use.  The “Custom Schedule Builder” allows the user to customize their schedules by using an editable pdf download.  There is also a “Record Keeping” section that allows me to keep track of attendance and grades in an easy manner.  Here is a sample transcript that was created by using this tool.  The homeschool parent support found in this section is invaluable. 

A sample transcript created by using the features found in the planning section.

I highly encourage any homeschool family to check out the Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership for themselves. Use the special promotional code shown below to take advantage of the amazing savings.

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