Reading Roundup: The Secrets of Paper and Ink

Sophia Barrett is a women’s therapist who has devoted her life to help women through their struggles. However, failing to come to grips with her own past has impacted her ability to help others and fulfill her duties. In order to help herself heal, she decides to take an extended vacation and move overseas.

There she meets Ginny Rose, a bookstore owner who has rented Sophia an apartment above her failing bookstore. Ginny’s husband decided he needed a “break” from his life, and left her to run the bookstore that has always been his dream.

While helping in the bookstore, Sophia finds a notebook containing journal entries from Emily Fairfax, a governess who lived more than 150 years ago. This journal has drawn Sophia, and she cannot let go of the feelings that she needs to know more. With the help of Ginny’s brother-in-law William, Sophia learns the story of Emily, and of herself.

This beautiful story is one of growth and determination. Although I was able to determine the end of the story, fairly early on, I was anxious to see where the story may lead. I loved each story intertwined within the larger story. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves Christian Fiction.

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