Review: ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

I want to provide my children with a well-balanced education.  Yet, we tend to focus more on the basics such as math, reading, and writing.  The fine arts is something that I struggled to incorporate. Especially art.  We have completed seasonal art projects, but my children weren’t learning anything about artists or styles of art.  I couldn’t find a homeschool art program that I liked, that taught them the things I wanted them to learn.  This is why I was so excited to be chosen to review one of the products of ARTistic Pursuit Inc. included in their K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8.

Thanks to Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance, K-3 Vol. 4, my children are not only getting to create their own works of art, but also learning about artists that helped shape the Italian Renaissance, such as Michaelangelo. Giotto, and Cimabue.

How does it work?

Children begin by learning about the Italian Renaissance, including a map of Italy to see the locations of cities throughout the country. 

The first lesson has children viewing a video on the basics of watercolor.  Watercolor is strongly used through the curriculum.  The video shows them techniques that they will need to use in creating their own works of art.  The children then are given the opportunity to create their very own masterpiece in the form of a self-portrait. 

As children work through the lessons they are taught about a specific artist such as personal stories of the artist as well as artwork that they have created.  They are then directed on art instruction and shown how to create artwork that mimics that authors style of painting.

What’s the verdict?

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. is an amazing curriculum.  While learning about various techniques of art, and artists from the Italian Renaissance my children grew to become more confident in their art abilities.  When we first started the lessons, I heard my children say the words “I can’t” over and over, yet as we worked through the lessons I began to hear that phrase uttered less and less. 

The materials needed to complete the art projects are not included with the book.  We found many of them at a local arts and crafts store, online, and through the ARTistic Pursuits Inc. website. While there is a cost to these materials, they were important to the learning that took place in the lessons.

We started out using the product by doing a lesson a week.  However, my children were so eager to learn about the artists, and to create their own works of art, that we began working through two lessons a week.  They even gave up their screen time to complete their projects.  Their artwork is now displayed throughout our house, and they are proud of their accomplishments. 

We loved ARTistic Pursuits Inc. so much that we definitely will be using more of their products.  For a complete list of products that they offer, you can visit their website.

If you would like to read more reviews about K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8 as well as other ARTistic Pursuits Inc. products reviewed by the Review Crew, please click the banner below.


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