19 Years

For 19 years, today, I am have been dating my spouse. For 19 years, he has been my best friend. For 19 years, I have loved him.

What exactly does 19 look like though? Nineteen years is

  • 599,529,600 seconds
  • 9,992,160 minutes
  • 166,536 hours
  • 6939 days
  • 991 weeks and 2 days

19 years is countless arguments, hugs, and successes.

19 years is laughing so hard that you need your inhaler.

19 years is heartbreak and devastation.

19 years is the death of family and friends, and the births of many we love.

19 years is the realization that we are getting older, and our bones make noises when we get out of bed.

19 years is countless prayers.

19 years is expanding waists and hair lines that recede.

19 years is seeing each other at your worse, but loving each other anyways.

19 years is over half my life.

19 years is thousands of miles of adventures, and only being lost a few of those.

19 years is millions of “I Love You’s”.

19 years is sickness and health.

19 years is grouchy, and tired, but happy and content.

19 years is good times and bad.

19 years is (hopefully) just the beginning.

I love you Nathan Ryan Yates! Always have, always will!

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