Review: Ancient Egypt Unit Studies by Techie Homeschool Mom

Ancient civilizations have always fascinated me.  They way they lived, their customs, and the accomplishments they made without the use of modern technology have always astonished and perplexed me.  Modern technology has changed the way in which we do every task.  We pay bills online, we order food from our phones, and we even go to school online.  Homeschooling online is becoming the norm.  The use of online homeschool courses is helping to redefine the way in which our homeschooling community is providing their children with a variety of experiences.  When my family was recently given the opportunity to review the Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study by Techie Homeschool Mom, I was one happy “mummy”.

What is it?

To tell you about the Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study by Techie Homeschool Mom I want to break it down for you and tell you about the creator, the Techie Homeschool Mom site, and about the course itself. 

About the Creator

Beth Napoli is the creator of Techie Homeschool MomShe is a self-described “geeky homeschool mom” who “inspired digital learning and healthy tech habits for families”.  As a former classroom teacher, she saw how she did not want her children to learn.  Through the use of technology and the creation of online unit studies, so is helping to change the way that children learn.

About Techie Homeschool Mom

Techie Homeschool Mom is a place for homeschooling parents to find a variety of homeschool unit studies that are technologically sound.  No matter your level of technology knowledge, Techie Homeschool Mom provides the user with authentic learning opportunities. 

Currently, there is a database of 28 courses available.  This includes a mega-bundle which includes 10 courses as follows:  Solar System, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Famous Artists Vol. 1, Famous Artists Vol. 2, Famous Inventors, Famous Birthdays, All About Elections, Christmas Around the World. 

Each of these courses can be purchased individually as well.

About the Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study

Now that I have given you some background information about the creator, and the site, I want to tell you all about the product itself.  The Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study is a full, online, unit study.  This online homeschool curriculum uses 9 web-based lessons that teach the learner about various aspect of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. 

Through videos, websites, and hands-on projects the learner is taught about the Egyptian Civilization, Hieroglyphics, Rosetta Stone, Egyptian Daily Life, Inventions and Technology of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egyptian Clothing, Famous Egyptians, Pyramids, and Mummies.

This course is designed for children in upper elementary to middle school ages and is completely self-paced.  There are no due dates that a child has to meet.  They can work through the material as they want.  Each module takes about 2-3 hours to complete, although this varies depending on the user. 

How did we use it?

We have never been able to homeschool online, so there was a learning curve for us.  Having three children made it difficult to use individually, so we completed it together.  We would work through one or two modules a week, depending on the complexity and length of each module. 

We were expected to complete the technology projects on Canva, but we didn’t always necessarily do this.  While I liked the program, and it was free, it was time consuming teaching the kids how to use it.  There were times we used publisher, or even just paper and pencil to complete the projects.  We did use Canva on occasion.

The various photo collages show the many activities and projects that we were able to complete.  Again, many of these were completed together.  The pictures also show videos that we watched and articles that we read. 

We did not finish the entire course, at the time of this review.  We are completing the final project. 

What’s the verdict?

We loved learning about Ancient Egypt and being able to take part in online homeschool.  My kids began randomly incorporating facts that we had learned into their conversations.  Hieroglyphics were drawn in chalk on the driveway.  They even attempted to create their own form of writing, much like the hieroglyphics, so that they could write notes to each other, without me being able to decipher them.  Too bad I found the “Rosetta Stone”

The lessons were very hands-on and interactive.  They were easy to adapt to use with multiple children at one time.  My daughter really enjoyed learning about what they wore.  She loved seeing their jewelry and makeup.  She is thinking about being Cleopatra for Halloween so that she can imitate the look.

My oldest son liked all the historical facts.  He liked learning about the Nile flooding, as well as about the Pharaohs.

My youngest son really enjoyed learning about the Pyramids, and mummies.  He was entranced with the mummification process, and I had to warn him not to attempt to use my crocheting needle to remove anyone’s brains.

We did have a couple of issues, however.  One issue was that some of the videos couldn’t be watched without a Curiosity Stream membership.  If there was a way around it, I couldn’t find it.  While Curiosity Stream is not very expensive, it is something to take into consideration. 

The use of Canva was something that we didn’t practically enjoy but was easily changed.  While I wanted to use the course the way it was completed, it was difficult to maneuver with multiple children.

Overall, we loved that we found a homeschool curriculum online that was so great!  We will definitely be using other products from Techie Homeschool Mom.

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