Reading Roundup: The Memory House

This is the story of four lives that are intertwined in the memories of a house entitled “The Memory House”.  Beck Holiday is a sergeant with the NYPD, who has been following in her dad’s footsteps.  Her father was killed in the North Tower on 9/11 when it collapsed.  After his death, Beck lost all of her memories of him, and anything that pertained to him.  After a series of events led her to be suspended for misconduct, she finds herself the heir of a house in Florida called the Memory House.  The person who left it is among those forgotten memories.  Beck travels to Florida to find the answers as to why she was left with such an amazing, yet perplexing gift.

It is here that Beck reconnects with Bruno Endicott.  As kids, Bruno and Beck spent much time together at The Memory House. Now, Bruno is a sports agent who is desperate to dispel the memories of his father tell him he was a nothing.  Bruno helps Beck understand the former house owner Miss Everleigh, and the impact she had on them as kids. 

Years before, Miss Everleigh, the former owner of the Memory House, lives a predictable life in Texas. A widow at a very young age, she has become trapped in her life and the memories of her deceased husband.  For years she lived life one foot in the grave, to keep her husbands’ memories alive.  It is not until she reconnects with Don Callahan, an old friend, that she begins to question if perhaps her heart can hold both the memories of her husband, and the love for a new man.

This was an amazing story of how lives can be intertwined, even decades apart.  Each character has a past that haunts them, and a future that is uncertain.  The similarities between the couples, Beck and Bruno, and Everleigh and Don, shows that love is a powerful force, and that God has a divine plan for each of us.  The Memory House gives it occupants what they need to move forward with their lives and love, much like this story.  I finished this book on the anniversary of my dad’s death and found that it provided me with the comfort that I needed to help me make peace with the date. 

On a side note, I did find an error in my edition.  I contacted the author, and she told me it has been corrected in the newer prints. 

I highly recommend that you give this book a read. 

I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  This has in no way influenced my thoughts or review of the book. 

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