Reading Roundup: “Surfside Sisters”

Life has a way of coming full circle. In this story, we meet best friends Keely and Isabella. From the moment they met, they were inseparable. Despite their varying differences in personalities and economic status, they share the same dream of becoming published authors.

Keely, comes from a family of lesser wealth, and often finds herself envious of the affluent lifestyle that Isabella has been accustomed to. Not only this, but she is in love with Isabella’s brother Sebastian, who is two years older than her. She cannot let anyone know, especially Isabella, as it would jeopardize their friendship.

Isabella is used to getting everything she wants. Her summer trips abroad, and Christmas’s in New York were ordinary to her. However, one thing she wanted was a boy named Tommy, who wanted Keely. This begins a series of events that causes a rift in the friendship that was once considered sacred.

Fast forward a few years and we find the friends estranged. Keely is now a published author who has made her childhood dreams come true. What is missing is love, and her friendship with Isabella. Isabella, on the other hand, has love but hasn’t been able to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an author.

This was an easy read for me. The dynamics and relationships kept the storyline moving without making it unbelievable or overwhelming. I have never read anything by Nancy Thayer before, but I will definitely be reading more by her. I highly recommend this book be added to summer reading lists.

I received an advanced copy of this story from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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