Review: Grade 4 Lightning Lit Set from Hewitt Homeschooling Resources

Reading has and will always be a treasured activity in my home. We spend hours each week reading. We take part in every Summer Reading Program that my local library offers. As a former classroom teacher, I understand the importance of reading and the need for a balanced reading curriculum. I am always on the lookout for a curriculum that reaches the needs of my children and therefore was very excited to be given an opportunity to review Grade 4 Lightning Lit Set from Hewitt Homeschooling Resources.

About the Company

Hewitt Homeschooling Resources is a Washington based company. In 1963-1964, a group of men and women from the business and professional sector became concerned with the trends of education, health, family, and welfare. They created the Cedar Springs Foundation in response to these concerns. In 1969, it was renamed the Hewitt Research Foundation.
In 1983, the Foundations concern changed from consultation with educational institutions to an examination of institutions as it relates to the family unit. In doing so, they became proponents of homeschooling. With over 30,000 clients, they service parents with students in Kindergarten through high-school. Hewitt School now has products in reading, math, art, music, bible, history, science, health, and vocational studies.

About the Product

Grade 4 Lightning Lit Set is a Student Workbook and Teacher’s Guide.

The Student Workbook is a consumable, four-color workbook with perforated pages. It is 402 pages long and contains 36 weeks of literacy instruction. Through the course of the 36 weeks of instruction, the student will read 12 books, and work through comprehension questions, discussion questions, writing and grammar skills.

The books that are used in this curriculum, and the duration of each are as follows: “The Earth Dragon Awakes”-2 weeks; “Morning Girl”-2 weeks; “The One and Only Ivan”-4 weeks; “Gone Fishing”-2 weeks; “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon”-4 weeks; “The Family Under the Bridge”-2 weeks; “Nim’s Island”-3 weeks; “The Dreamer”-4 weeks; Love That Dog”-2 weeks; “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”-5 weeks; “Tuck Everlasting”-3 weeks; and “The Borrowers”-4 weeks.

Each story has a title page for each week.

On the back of the title page is a weekly checklist showing what needs to be completed each week.

Each page is headlined with the week and day.

Each week contains 4 days of lessons. Each day contains a Reading and Grammar lesson.

The Teacher’s Guide contains the answers to the comprehension and grammar questions. It also contains the directions for the composition piece, discussion guides for each book, and additional activities that are optional.

Each week contains a week at a glance. This shows the pages that needed to be read, what materials are needed, what skills are being worked on, and what should be done in the composition piece.

Each day contains the answers to the comprehension questions and the workbook page of grammar and mechanics.

How Did We Use It?
My son Josiah, grade 4, used this product. To make it easier for us, we tore out each stories pages and placed them in a folder with prongs.

We used this product for 5 days each week, and completed six weeks of lessons.

On Monday-Thursday we worked through the Reading and Grammar lessons. On day 5, we completed some of the optional activities as well as the composition piece requirements.

Each day that my son completed, he would check-off what was finished on the weekly checklist.

I found it best if I read the selection for the day first, and then allowed him to read it on his own. After he finished, we spent some time talking about the selection itself, prior to answering any questions in the workbook. This helped me see how well he actually read the story and allowed him to asked questions about the storyline.

What Did We Think?
A mom’s perspective:
I really liked the wide variety of stories that my son had access to while completing Lightning Lit. During my review period, we completed 6 weeks of lessons. During this time we read a variety of fictional stories, including historical fiction. Throughout the remaining lessons, my child will be exposed to various forms of poetry, cultures, and prologues.
I also enjoyed that it was easy to use. The student workbook and teacher’s guide are organized so that I wasn’t spending precious time trying to determine what the next part of the lesson entailed.
I will definitely be using the Lightning Literature curriculum with my children. The only con that I found is that it is not an all-encompassing curriculum, as it does not contain spelling or penmanship. However, these are easy to supplement.

A child’s perspective:
I really liked Lightning Lit. It didn’t take a lot of time every day to do the workbook, and the books were interesting. I can’t wait to read the story “Nim’s Island”. So far, my favorite story was “The One and Only Ivan”. I really liked the optional activities that we could do about gorillas.

Want To Find Out More?
There you have it. Lightning Literature is an amazing product that is available across grade levels. If you would like to learn more about Hewitt Homeschooling Resources and other products that they have available, you can connect with them through the following Social Media Platforms.
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