To My Husband On Father’s Day

Dear Husband,

First and foremost, I love you and our life together. I love the boy you were when we started dating, the man that you have become, and all of the stages in between. You have always made me laugh, and been my biggest supporter. I knew many years ago that you would be an amazing dad, and I was right like I always am. (Insert laugh here)

I am beyond blessed to raise our children with you. Through your actions, you show them so many things. You teach our daughter how a man should treat his wife because you love me with your whole heart. You show her that a man treats his wife with honor, respect, and integrity. You teach her that a man should value his wife above all others, as instructed by the Bible. Through your actions, she knows that princes exist, and she will know to not settle for anyone who doesn’t treat her like a princess. You also show her that it isn’t always fairytales. Even when times are tough, a husband and wife should work together as a team.

You teach our sons how to value their wife. You show them how it is important to show your wife how much she means to you, by leaving notes for me and opening the car door for me. You are an example of how a man should take responsibility for caring for their house as well. Doing chores isn’t women’s work. You show them how a godly man prays for his family. They want to be just like you when they grow up, and I know that because of you they have an amazing example to go by.

You work hard for us, every single day. You coach their sports teams. You play games with them. You show them, and me, that we are worth your time. You are silly with them, but also stern when they need it. The world is full of millions of men who are fathers. However, not every man is deserving of the word dad, and you are one of the best dad’s there are. Not every man can raise three children who are not biologically theirs, but you do it without a second thought.

You are the epitome of what a man should be, and how they should act. You are kind, compassionate, considerate, brave, hard-working, devoted, caring, smart, godly, patient, and respectful. Thank you for all you do for you, and know that we love you so very much.


Your wife and children

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