Review: The Complete Starter Kit from The Kingdom Code

Money management is an important skill for children to learn.  Unfortunately, it is a skill that is very rarely taught in the school setting and must be taught by parents.  Some parents do not have great money management skills.  Budgeting and saving are not common occurrences.  Most families live paycheck to paycheck.  This is a serious problem when it is up to these parents to teach their kids about balancing budgets and money skills.  Realizing this issue, The Kingdom Code created The Complete Starter Kit to help children learn how to make and manage money, according to God’s plan. 

About The Company

The Kingdom Code is a biblically based program that teaches kids about money management and becoming an entrepreneur.  The goal is that all Kingdom Code Kids (KCK’s) is that all children:

  • Recognize their individual talents and self-worth.
  • Establish a positive work ethic with integrity and respect for others.
  • Learn sound economic principles and an appreciation for the free enterprise system.
  • Develop money management, budgeting, and social skills.
  • Acquire a strong, confident character based on the knowledge of who they are in Christ.

The author of The Kingdom Code is Jimmie Hall Byler.  She is a former classroom teacher in Texas, who left teaching to pursue her art career.  In the process, she built her own business with her husband.  It is this knowledge of both education and business building that inspired her to create The Kingdom Code.

About The Product

The Complete Starter Kit is an all-inclusive program containing the Textbook, The Student Packet, and the Teacher’s Guide. 

The Kingdom Code Textbook is a spiral bound 244-page soft-cover book.  It contains full-color pages that are used in each of the 27 lessons.   It is geared to teach students in grades 4-8. Focused around the knight’s theme, it is fully illustrated with over 800 photos that both engage and teach the user.  A unique aspect of the textbook is the letters from Aunt Jimmi.   She is a mentor to the Kingdom Code Kids and helps guide them through the business building practices as they become kid entrepreneurs.

 The Student Packet is a 124 full-color page with 4 black and white forms to complement the lessons.  They contain worksheets, calendar pages, and forms that aid in building a business.  It is meant to be consumed by one student, but additional packets can be ordered to teach multiple children.

The Teacher’s Guide details step-by-step what is needed to complete each lesson.  Each lesson plan is formatted in much the same way.  The lesson plan is titled and tells how many days are allocated for teaching that lesson.  An overview of the less is given which details what the user will be learning.  The essential question of the lesson and learning goal is given.  Important notes or suggestions are also given.  The materials needed for the lesson are shown in a textbox that sets itself apart from the other introductory information. 

The days in the lesson are broken apart by easy to see headings.  The goal of what is to be completed in the lesson, the key terms introduced, and ways to make the lessons more interactive are also given. 

Also included is The Kingdom Code Treasure Map and corresponding stickers that is used to show the user’s progress throughout the lessons; flashcards containing all the vocabulary words, a receipt book, and three 8.5” by 11” posters depicting the KCK Sales Code, J.O.E.Y.S Budget, and an inspirational phrase “Kingdom Code Kids Are Great Entrepreneurs and Leaders”.  Finally, a Kingdom Code Kids receipt book is included to allow the user to keep track of their business transactions like a true entrepreneur.

As an added bonus, I was given a Kingdom Code Coloring Book and My KCK Budget.  The Coloring Book Includes, Six KCK Budget Coloring Pages, various knights scenes and Bible Verses.  The KCK Budget focuses on the J.O.E.Y.S concept of budgeting.

How Did We Use It?

Since my children tend to have issues working cooperatively with one another, we decided that this would be a good character-building program for all three of them to complete together.  We agreed that any money earned from their business would be shared. 

We organized all their materials in a three-ring binder

I went through each lesson and placed the corresponding materials together.  After they were used, we placed them in the kid’s binder. 

When they created their business, we had to be creative.  We live in a rural area, and I am not comfortable letting my children freely roam in my neighborhood, so we limited the areas they could work. We explained to them that in a true business, they would want to open themselves up for a variety of customers.  We ended up with three locations that they serviced.

Their business was entitled “Yates Crew” since they didn’t want to limit the services they could offer.  They specialized in weed removal, pet care, and household cleaning. 

We placed the J.O.E.Y.S stickers on the outside of ziplock bags, and after each time they were paid, we budgeted their money accordingly.   As the end of the program, their money will be divided among the three of them to be distributed according to the J.O.E.Y.S concept. 

What Did We Think?

A mom’s perspective:

I loved this program!  I loved that my children learned about balancing a budget according to Biblical standards.   They were, or will be, instructed on how to plan a business, and about checkbook practices.  I feel like my children are better equipped for making financial decisions and are developing a strong work ethic.  I also like that as the lessons progress the need for teacher direction minimizes.   The first eight lessons are very teacher driven. 

A kid’s perspective:

Kisha-age 11-“When I found out we were going to start a business, I was so excited.  I didn’t realize how much work goes into starting a business.  I also learned that when you have a job, it is important to be dependable.  If I had to walk someone’s dog, and I got invited somewhere, I had to wait until after my job was complete.  If I would have gone anyways, the customer would have gotten upset and I could have lost my job.  I really liked that everything went along with the Knights theme.”

Josiah-age 10-“I am going to be rich.  I know now that it is important to budget your money.  I don’t like all the parts of our business, like vacuuming, but sometimes as a business owner, you have to do things you don’t like.  I know that the first things I should do with my money is J.  This means Jesus.”

Zathan-age 9-“I really liked doing this.  I liked having a job and earning money.  I learned how to be responsible, and that people count on you to do your job.”

Wrap Up

If you want to purchase this amazing product, use the coupon code 10TKC33 to receive 10% off of your order total. 

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  1. We are happy to hear about “The Yates Crew”. It is a great that that they found a business where they can work together! We look forward to hearing about your children’s continued progress through The Kingdom Code!


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