Reading Roundup: “The Summer Guests”

What Is It About?

In the midst of hurricane season, those living along the coast understand the uncertainty and unpredictability the weather can bring.  When the warnings come out, those who evacuate are not only forced to find shelter for themselves but for their animals as well.  This is no easy feat for those people who have horse farms.  This is exactly the case for the characters in The Summer Guests.  Packing up their lives and the items that they hold most precious and heading north to the farm of their friends Charles and Grace Phillips in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. 

In this story we meet an eclectic group of individuals, all brought together by their love for horses, and their need to escape the brutal Category 5 hurricane that is taking aim at the East Coast.  Seeking refuge is Moira, the Phillips’ daughter who is running away from more than a hurricane, and toward an even bigger adventure.  Moira brings along a slew of rescue dogs that are needing to be rehomed.  Famed equestrian Javier Angel de la Cruz and former model-turned-makeup mogul Hannah McLain bring Angel’s prize horse Butterhead to protect the horse and themselves from the uncertain weather.  Former Olympic hopeful, now famed horse breeder, Gerta Klug and her tumultuous daughter Elise also join the group with their prized horse Whirlwind.  In a desperate attempt to save her condo, Cara Rutledge must flee toward the hurricane and all the fear and anxiety that brings.

The storm has brought them each together, and their lives will be intertwined forever.  While the hurricane wreaks havoc on the coast, the week together changes all of their lives. 

My Thoughts?

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.  The many storylines kept me entertained and I found myself loving some characters and hating others.  Despite living in Kentucky my entire life, I do not know a lot about horses.  This book helped to teach me a lot about their behaviors and the care required of them.  My favorite character was a tossup between Moira and Grace Phillips. Perhaps it was the close, mother-daughter relationship they shared that I really enjoyed.  My least favorite character was Javier Angel de la Cruz.  I feel like he was a meddler who inserted himself and his desires into situations and choices that he didn’t need to be in. 

I received an advanced electronic copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.  It has in no way impacted my review.   

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