Review: One-Year Subscription to Matific Galaxy

Learning is an everyday process in our house.  Even our technology time is geared toward learning.  My daughter loves doing education games. She especially loves an online math game.  When I told her that she was getting to use a product that had online math activities for review, she couldn’t wait to get started.  Her first day logging into our one-year subscription to Matific Galaxy she became hooked.

About Matific Galaxy

Matific Galaxy is an interactive math program for grades Kindergarten through 6th grade.  The online math resource is student-driven, however, allows for parent or teacher support as they can guide the learning path of the student by creating customized lesson plans for the user.

Matific Galaxy can be used on a desktop or on any IOS compatible devices.  If using a table or device, you do not need to have access to the internet.  It is because of this that Matific Galaxy can be used as in a variety of ways.  It can be used an introduction, transition, or conclusion to a lesson or skill. A lesson plan and teacher guide can be found for each activity that helps explain the education associated with the activity and the best ways to plan the learning of the student.

Since this program can be used with very little teacher/parent intervention, the use of reports helps the facilitator understand the progress of the student.  These reports allow you to see the child’s practice results, recent activity, and percent completion.

The user begins on the area of “Dusty”, and must work through the areas of “Kai”, “Jung Jung”, “Blaze”, “Rocky”, “Ice”, Sweetie”, “Nickel”, “Sir Goldy”, and “Queen D”. At first, the area is pixilated and incomplete. As the user works through the lessons in that area, it becomes a complete character.

As students work toward developing their character, they are also receiving awards for their progress. They level up as they earn points.

Now, let’s talk skill levels that are in each grade level.  Matific Galaxy has over 1500 activities available for use.  The images below show each grade level grades K-6, and what skills are taught at each level. 

As you can see the K-6 math games cover everything from online counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication, geometry, division and fraction games.

What Did We Think?

A Mom’s Perspective:

Overall, I really liked this program.  I liked that it was, for the most part, self-directed for my daughter.   She used this four about 30 minutes, three-times-a-week.  That was an hour and a half that she was focused on math.  It allowed me to spend time with her brothers working on concepts they needed.  It is a great mathematics resource for homeschoolers and elementary school students.  The learning games were fun and engaging for her, while also proving to be challenging.  The only issue that I had was that the reports feature did not sync to her account until I had her login under my account.  This was a minor issue, as I could easily look at her platform and see how many stars she had received in each area.

A Kid’s Perspective:

Kisha. Age 11. I really liked Matific Galaxy.  Since I am not in 6th grade yet, there were a lot of things that it covered that I did not know.  When this happened, I would ask my mom and then I was able to do it on my own.  I have learned so much since I started using it, such as negative integers.  The basketball drop activity with this skill was very hard at first.  I was given a ball and one number, and a basketball net at another.  Using springs, I had to make the ball land in the net.  For example, if the ball was at -3 and the next was at -15, I had to use two springs that would make it bounce 12 spots to the net.  I did this by using a -10 and a -2.  It had a lot of fun math games.

Wrapping It Up

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