Reading Roundup: “One Night at the Lake”

Leah is sure her boyfriend Ollie is going to propose during the 4th of July/his mother’s birthday celebration at the family’s house on Seneca Lake.  Her best friend June has just suffered a breakup, so Leah invites her along.

A week at the lake is just what Leah needs.  The rest, relaxation, and the water.  June finds a semi-relationship with neighbor Terrence, much to Leah’s excitement, and Ollie’s discomfort.  As the week progresses, issues between Ollie’s brother Caleb cause issues between everyone.  One fateful evening, during the midst of all the turmoil, Leah goes into the lake and comes out dead. 

Seven years later, June and Ollie are engaged to be married and are returning to the lake for the first time together.  Being there brings back so many memories, and revelations.  Can June and Ollie’s relationship survive the week, or is the week at the lake going to take another victim?

I really enjoyed this book, however, I felt bad for Leah.  Even though she is gone, her best friend and her boyfriend have found love with each other, that appears to supersede his feelings for Leah.  I feel like Leah already lost so much, and as if she was just a holding spot for something better.  However, the storyline, told in a back and forth narrative between present day June, and past day Leah, flowed into a story that kept me wanting more.

I rate this story as 4 stars and would recommend it to anyone who likes reading mystery-type stories. 

I received an electronic copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.  It has in no way impacted my opinion of this story.

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