A Bubble Among the Grass

Sometimes we are given little reminders about life. It can come to us in a multitude of ways and have a variety of meanings. I find that a lot of my reminders come to me in moments of stress, and uncertainty.

On Friday evening my family and I were having a small fire in our front yard. It had been an awful, terrible, no-good day. The fire had been going for a while, and the sky was darkening fast. I could feel the stress from that day in my shoulders and neck. I was grouchy, tired, and not in a good frame of mind. My daughter was blowing bubbles. I watched them as they were floating through the air and popping as they got near the heat of the fire.

I noticed a bubble resting in the grass, less than a foot from the fire. I watched it as it lay there among the pokey grass, and the unrelenting heat. Both of those things were meant to pop it. They were meant to destroy it and its beauty. Yet, they didn’t.

I don’t know why, and wouldn’t even begin to explain how this bubble didn’t pop. I just know that for a good solid five minutes it was there. While watching it, I thought about my own life and the things I have experienced that were meant to destroy me. Yet, they didn’t. Like this bubble I was resilient. I may not have come out unharmed, but I refused to let any of it completely destroy me.

There are so many people in this world that try to be “bubble poppers”. Their very goal is to diminish the structure and beauty of others. They call names, gossip, backstab and belittle. They use and abuse. I don’t need these people in my life. I don’t need people around me to criticize me or make me feel like less of a person. I do enough of that to myself. Nobody can put me down, or make me feel more inferior about myself better than I can.

I wish I could harness whatever it was that made this bubble resilient, and bottle it up. I wish I could discover its secret for not letting the pressure get to it. I wish I knew how it was able to withstand the heat.

Eventually, when it popped, I don’t think it is because the grass finally poked it, or the heat became unbearable. I think it was because it had served its purpose. It reminded me that even when I am fragile, and I am “feeling the heat” I can choose to remain. I can remain calm, and strong. I can remain brave and tough. I can be a bubble among the grass.

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