Review: Family Subscription from CTCMath

Teaching math to three children, on three different levels was a challenge for me last year.  No matter what I did, I felt like I couldn’t give any of them the attention they needed.  I needed something that allowed me to keep them on different tasks, while still controlling their learning.  This need had me searching, and I think I may have found the answer I was looking for with the Family Membership from CTCMath.

About the Company

CTCMath was founded by Pat Murrary.  As a former high school teacher, he turned his focus to CTCMath.  He and his wife Maree have ten children – five girls and five boys.  They live in Australia.

Through CTCMath, Pat is hoping to minimize the amount of time that students spend being taught about a concept.  It is his goal to explain concepts in four minutes or less.

CTCMath has been the recipient of a variety of awards, including the Catherine Duffy’s 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum.

About the product

CTCMath is an online, subscription-based math program for kindergarten through high school.  While intended to be a core math program, it can also be used to supplement other math programs and curriculums.

Each grade level or course is broken into main streams.  These streams are the area of math such as Number Patterns. 

Each stream is then divided into topics. 

or each topic in the lower levels, there are diagnostic assessments that can be conducted.  There are three options for the diagnostic tests: short, standard and comprehensive.  Each option has a different number of questions, with comprehensive having a substantially larger number of questions than the standard.  Each option uses the same bank of questions, so that the quality of work is the same. The diagnostics can be beneficial when trying to determine any gaps that a student may have.  Also, when determining strengths of a child, diagnostics can help determine areas that a child may be able to “skip”.  The upper areas do not have diagnostics.

Each topic is broken down in lessons. 

The lessons begin with a tutorial video that are short in duration. Roughly 4-9 minutes.  The tutorial uses graphics and animations that help to explain the lessons objective.

 In addition to the tutorial, there is an option of completing interactive questions, worksheets or both.  If the user chooses to do the worksheet, the answers then must be entered into the automated marking system that will store their scores for use in their progress report.

A one-page summary of the tutorial is also available for download.

The parent or teacher has the ability to assign tasks for each student, and these can be customized by individual students or groups of students. 

The tasks can be assessments or lessons, and cane be retaken until mastered.  The student repots will show every attempt and score, so that the parent of teacher can see progress. 

Another important component of CTCMath is Weekly Revision Tasks.  These are a variety of problems that can be downloaded and printed for each week of a semester or answered online.  If a worksheet is downloaded answers must be entered online in order to track student progress.

The CTCMath cost is dependent on how many students use it.  There are two options.  The first is for a single child, and it is $29.97 a month or $197 for a year. The yearly option provides a savings of $162.64. 

The second option is for more than one student. The cost is $39.97 a month or $297 for the year.  The yearly option provides a savings of $182.64.

How did we use it?

Our review period began in the summer, so I started my children with diagnostic tests of their previous grade levels.  This allowed me to see how much they retained of the curriculum they had learned last year.  In planning for the current school year, I used CTCMath to supplement of curriculum. Each week I look at what skills they are learning and create tasks for them based on those lessons. 

This allows me the ability to work with my children in shifts.  One child works on their CTCMath lesson while one child is working on review from the previous lessons.  The last child is working with me on their skill for the day.  They rotate among those stations, so that I can get individual time with each child.  Then, they complete the remainder of their math lesson.

We also do the Weekly Revision Tasks every week.  I have printed out the entire semesters and placed them in a folder.  When we go on long car rides, doctor’s appointment, or anytime that we have down time, they work on that weeks.  We then enter them online so that they can receive a grade.

I count CTCMath for a grade.  The Weekly Revisions Tasks count for one grade, and the average of their lesson’s tasks count for another.

What did we think?

A mom’s perspective:

                I love CTCMath.  The tutorial videos are simple and easy to follow along with.  The questions directly correlate with the videos.  The option to print of worksheets allows me the ability to work one-on-one with my children on lessons that they do not perform well on.  I love the reports feature and how I am able to see what my children did. 

A kid’s perspective:

                Kisha, age 11-“I really like CTCMath.  I like how the video shows me what I need to do and then if I miss questions, I can redo them. “

                Josiah, age 10- “The videos help me see what it is I am learning.  If I need to, I can replay the videos to see how to do something.”

                Zathan, ages 9-“CTCMath helps me learn.  If I don’t know how to do something, I can watch the videos and it will show me.  The summary is also good because I can put it in my notebook and look at it later. 

Want More Information?

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