Reading Roundup: Date Night

A mysterious note left on Libby’s car window has left her nerves unsettled and the trust she had in her husband is wavering.  “Your husband is having an affair.”  Finding that note has set about a series of events that she wasn’t prepared for.  Constant accusations toward Sean, her husband, has left their marriage in turmoil.  When Sean suggests that she and him have a date night, she is excited at the prospect of laying her doubts to rest.

Their date night was a disaster.  Sean kept receiving text messages and phone calls and evaded Libby’s questions about them.  Finally, Sean tells her that the calls were coming from his overbearing mother, Marion.  When Libby doesn’t believe him, the two argue and call their date night short. 

When they get home to relieve their babysitter, Sasha, they find that she is missing.  Her items are still there, but she is missing.  After frantically searching for her, and ultimately calling her mother, Jan, the police are contacted.

Search parties, and an active investigation into her disappearance have turned up enough evidence to arrest Libby for the murder of Sasha, who swears she didn’t do it.

Let me start off by saying that I read this book rather quickly, because I had to answer so many questions.  1) Where is Sasha? 2) Did Libby have anything to do with her disappearance? 3) If not, who did?  4) Is Sean having an affair?  5)  If so, with who?  6) Who left the note?

When I finished the story, I still had many questions left unanswered, yet the epilogue answered those.  There was more information packed in that epilogue than the entire story.  Yet, I hated the ending.  Okay, so maybe hate is a strong word, but I seriously detested it.  It was shocking, but it wasn’t how I wanted it to end.

The overall storyline was good, but I think the way it was told could be confusing.  You are told one version of events and as the story unfolds you see that there are holes in the original version.  This draws you in, but sometimes I felt like I had missed something, and I had to go back and reread. 

I did not like Sean’s character at all.  He was controlling, abusive, elusive, deceptive, and manipulative.  Libby’s character seemed flighty and mentally unstable.  It was hard for me to develop a connection with her or sympathize with her.

Looking on Goodreads, this book has received MANY 4- and 5-star reviews, I just don’t feel like it was that for me.  I am rating it as a 3. 

I received an electroni ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.  It has in no way influenced my opinion.

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