Review: Online Times Alive by City Creek Press, Inc.

As a former public school teacher, I understand the necessity of a child truly knowing their multiplication facts. Without knowing their facts, the time spent working on more complicated math problems increases. I have a child who struggles with memorizing his facts, which is why we were very excited to be able to review Online Times Alive – six month subscription from City Creek Press, Inc

Created in 1992, by Judy Liautaud, City Creek Press, Inc. began under the name Key Publications. It was created from the need for students to learn their multiplication facts. While operating the Sylvan Learning Center in Bountiful, Utah, Judy created a book entitled Times Tables the Fun Way. The success of this book prompted her to write Addition the Fun Way. Today, there are more than 20 original products that are used to make education fun and memorable for students.

Online Times Alive is a digital way of learning multiplication facts. It can be accessed through both PC or Mac, and uses a variety of techniques for fact mastery. Lessons include animated stories, games, and songs, to teach the facts 0-9.

Membership for Online Times Alive is $9.95 a month. There is a one-time registration fee of $6.95. If you use the code lovetolearn when registering, this fee is waived. A membership is good for one mac or pc at a time, but can be used with an unlimited number of students.

For this review, my two sons ages 10 and 9, used Online Times Alive. Initially, the student is given an assessment of their facts, 0-9. Their time is recorded as well. Once they take their assessment they are able to go to their lessons. As a parent/teacher, you can choose how you want your child to proceed. You can have them work through the lessons in order, of you can direct them on which facts you want them to work through. Students can work at their own pace, and can stop at any point. The lesson will resume when they log in next.

Progress reports show the date lessons are completed, their quiz scores and time elapsed.

So, what did we think? We have mixed reviews.

The program itself is very engaging. The songs are catchy and really help to solidify the fact. Examples include: “8 times 8 is sixty-four, sounds like to me sticks are for” and “Sound off, seven times seven, sound off, is 49”.

The cohesiveness of the stories and songs helps them user to see the facts in a variety of ways, reaching a variety of learning styles.

My two sons felt like they were a bit too old for the program. They were almost embarrassed to use it. Their older sister, however, loved to listen to the songs, even though she knows her facts.

The signing-in process was easy to use, however, we had issues because they wouldn’t always login the same way. Sometimes they would use uppercase and sometimes they would use lower case. Each time this would create a new user and they would have to start all over. Sometimes if they hit a wrong key and wasn’t paying attention it would do the same. This caused frustration from both of my boys.

We also had a lot of internet issues during this review period. A utility pole had fallen on our property. Our phone lines were attached to it. While it did not completely sever the line, it caused intermittent service. When the electric company came to replace the place, three weeks later, they severed the line and we had to wait on internet to be restored. The lack of internet and the fact that it had to be used on one specific computer made it hard for us to use it regularly. If we were able to take it to any computer, we could have gone to family members houses or even the public library. A solution to this would be the app, but I was not given access to that to review. Should we purchase it again, I would definitely want that option.

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