Review: Six-Month Subscription to Smartick

The use of technology is becoming more and more prevalent in learning.  I limit the amount of technology that my children are exposed to, but one exception that I make is in education.  In our search for quality educational programs that incorporate technology, we have found several programs that we like.  We had yet to find one that we loved.  This search had us very excited to review a six-month subscription to Smartick .

What is Smartick?

Smartick is an online subscription for children ages 4-14. Their mission of Smartick is to “enable kids to have fun learning math, and to support each child by unlocking their full potential with adaptive and personalized online learning tools”.

Smartick gives each user a plan that is individualized for their learning.  As your child progresses, the program adapts to your child’s performance in math practice which provides your child the opportunity to gain confidence in their abilities.  As their confidence grows, so does the skills that they are being exposed to.

Through Smartick, the users are exposed to mental calculations, logical reasoning, coding, word problems, and arithmetic.

How Did We Use It?

Smartick is designed to be used 15 minutes a day, four to five times a week.  The hardest part about using Smartick was to work it into our routine.  At first, we were able to incorporate it three times a week, but we were also having internet issues.  Once we got into routine, it became easier to incorporate five days a week. 

Monday’s through Thursday’s my children get their 15-minute lesson time.  When the lesson shuts off, they can redo any that they miss, and they are finished.  On Friday’s, as a reward, after their lesson is finished, they are allowed to play games for a predetermined amount of time.  The last Friday of the month, they are allowed to spend their “ticks” that they have earned throughout their lessons, to customize their avatar.

What Did We Think?

This program has become one of the best motivators for my children.  They thoroughly enjoy using the program.   They understand that their Friday game time is dependent upon their actions throughout the week, and I don’t even need to tell them that their time is in jeopardy.

A mom’s perspective-I am going to 100% real with you.  At first, I was annoyed by the program.  I was getting emails every single day that they didn’t complete a lesson, even on weekends.  However, once I learned how to setup their scheduled absences and found a schedule that worked for us, I stopped receiving those emails. 

The emails are now one of the best features that I found about Smartick.  Every time my children complete a lesson, I am sent an email about their progress.  This helps me track their performances, but also lets me know when they are finished, just in case they try to sneak in some extra computer time.  

I also love that I am given visual indicators of my children’s progress. By logging into my parent page, I can instantly see how they have performed.

I love how adaptive the program is.  When we first started using Smartick I was confused as to how it would determine what level my child would perform at.  However, as it progressed, the lessons they were completing on Smartick often coincided with the lessons they were working on in their core math program.

Zathan-age 9: Smartick is my favorite math program because it is fun.  You earn ticks, and diplomas based on how you do.  It lets you redo problems that you miss, to earn more ticks.  The games are fun, and hard.  The video lessons are really good and help me to learn.”

Josiah-age 11: I really like Smartick.  I have learned a lot by doing the video lessons and the problems.  My favorite thing is that I can use the ticks that I earn to customize my avatar. I got extra ticks on my birthday, which was super neat.”

Rikisha-age 12:  “I like Smartick.  I didn’t think I would at first because I thought it would be too kiddy.  However, it isn’t.  The work that I do is challenging, but I don’t ever get frustrated.  I get rewarded with ticks when I do things well.  I can ever earn diplomas based on how I did.”

Final Thoughts

Smartick has been a great addition to our homeschool routine.  If you are interested in signing up for a free trial, click the Smartick logo below.

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