Reading Roundup: “Lake Season” by Denise Hunter

Oh my word, ya’ll! Before I can get into my absolute LOVE for this book, let me give a brief synopsis for those who haven’t heard about this book.

Molly Bennett and her siblings have undergone an unimaginable tragedy when both of their parents died in a car crash. In an effort to honor their parents dreams, the three siblings decide to open an inn in their family home.

While renovating the home, a former post-office, Molly finds a letter that had gotten lost in the mail drop. Decades later, the letter has left her wanting to know about the fate of the writer, and the should-be recipient.

Adam Bradford, a best-selling author who writes under a pseudonym, has come to Bluebell on his mother’s insistence. She thought it would inspire him in his latest novel, and she couldn’t have been more right. Molly enlists Adam’s help to learn about the letter. Along the way, she finds more than her heart bargains for.

Lake Season” was an amazing book. Honestly, it was beyond amazing. It took me several days to read, but it wasn’t the books fault. I didn’t feel well, and we were exceptionally busy. My book reading time was almost nonexistent. Yet, if I was able to, I was reading.

So, what did I love about this book? Well, lets start with the characters. In “Lake Season” we meet the three Bennett siblings: Molly, Levi and Grace.

Molly is the character I resonated the most with. She loves a good book, and takes her responsibilities to her family very serious. Her character made me laugh and cry, with every emotion in between.

Levi is the character that I liked to dislike. As the “man” in the family, he took on a more authoritarian role. There were times when his personality and actions were insincere, however, by the end of the book I could see a change in him. This is a good thing since the second book in this trilogy focuses around him.

Grace is the baby sister. It is her persistence that allows the siblings to open the inn. Her character is one that I loved. She has a determination and spunk about her that I find endearing.

Adam. Oh, Adam. Let me just start by saying he is not your typical novel heroin. He is nerdish, and shy. I fell in love with him so many times while reading the book that he is by far one of my favorite male characters in any book I have ever read. Seriously, my husband should be a little jealous. Maybe even more than a little.

The setting of the story is fictional Bluebell, NC. This is the perfect setting. North Carolina is one of my all-time favorite states, and Bluebell is based off of the town of Lake Lure, NC. Do you know what other amazing love story has a connection to Lake Lure? Dirty Dancing. Lake Lure is where Dirty Dancing was filmed, and one of the places on my travel bucket list. Now I have even more reason to want to visit there.

The plot was full of twists and turns. I figured out the ending pretty early on, however, the twists and turns of the subplots kept me entertained and invested.

Denise Hunter is one of my absolute favorite authors. I have read all of her books, and have loved each of them. She was already one of my favorites, but after she helped my husband pull off an amazing birthday surprise this year, it catapulted her to the top. I can’t wait to read the other two books in the Bluebell Inn trilogy.

“Lake Season” receives 5 stars from me.

The expected publication date is November 12, 2019.

Thank you to Netgalley for this eARC. This is my honest review

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