Review: God’s Mail: Volume 3 from God’s Mail

There are times when we all need to be immersed in God’s words to provide us with comfort or calmness. There have been many occasions in my life when reading the word of God, or about the word of God have provided me with the peace of mind that I could not have found at any other place. It is because of this that I was excited to be given the opportunity to review God’s Mail Volume 3 from God’s Mail.

As the title suggests, this is the third installment in the God’s Mail series, written by Ron Hardin.

God’s Mail is written in the form of poems that are based on the word of God. Prior to each poem, the reader will find a series of biblical verses that correlate with the topic of the poem.

The verses are written in a variety of translations, including NKJV, MSG, and TLB.

The poems and scriptures cover such topics as blessings, forgiveness, being obedient, teen pregnancy, abortion, divorce and many others. The challenges that we face in our everyday walks of life can be found within the pages. It is this concept that had me truly want to read God’s Mail Volume 3.

While hardcover copies are available, I was given a digital copy of the book. While my Kindle copy did not contain illustrations, there is information at the beginning of the book about the illustrator, which leads me to believe there are illustrations in the hardcover.

The formatting available on the Kindle was similar to any other electronic book that I have read, and was easy to navigate. Kindle provides the reader with the opportunity to change font type and size.

The book contains many endorsements that are found at the beginning. I do wish that those had been placed at the back, as I typically do not read these.

Reading this book was very uplifting for me. There were scriptures and poems that provided me with the peace that I needed. For example, this excerpt from “Don’t Worry” was extremely comforting:

“It’s not be our strength or by our might that he moves or may speak, It’s mainly when we are powerless and when we are weak.”

I found that since I had the Kindle version on my phone, I could read a poem anytime I was waiting in a line. Since the poems are relatively short, I could read two or three in a ten-minute time frame. I would then spend some time reflecting on the poems and scriptures.

I think God’s Mail Volume 3 would be a great gift for any person. I think it would be especially great for a “secret sister” gift.

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