Review: 6th Grade Math course from Thinkwell

I am a Math nerd.  I love everything related to Math, and it is my hope that I am able to transfer this love of math to my children.  Using programs that provide them with a solid math foundation is one of the ways that I will be able to achieve this.  It is because of this that I jumped at the chance to review the 6th Grade Math course from Thinkwell.

Thinkwell provides online math courses ranging from 6th Grade to High School. These courses also include Honors levels in Math and Science.

6th Grade Math is an online, video curriculum.  There are over 200 video lessons that provide the user with mathematical knowledge. 

In addition to the videos, lessons are supplemented with online practice problems.  There are also additional topic worksheets for lessons that are printable, with answer sheets included.

The topics covered in 6th Grade Math include Whole Numbers, Beginning Algebra, Area and many other important concepts.

The videos are short, ranging from 5-7 minutes in length.  Professor Edward Burger provides the user with concrete examples to illustrate the mathematical concepts. 

By viewing the 6th Grade Math link, you will have access to a sample video, lesson plan, assessment, and worksheet.

The cost of 6th Grade Math is $125 for twelve-month access.  If you would like a free 14-day trial, you can obtain one here.

Our Experience and Thoughts

My daughter used 6th Grade Math two to three times a week, during our review period.  She used them in addition to her current math curriculum. We determined that she would use the 6th Grade Math course after taking a placement test.

She really enjoyed the videos.  She thought that they were engaging, and short in nature.  She thought Professor Burger spoke in an easy to understand voice.  She was able to navigate easily through the lessons, and needed very little assistance from me, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Everything except the printed worksheets are graded online which saves me time.

She liked that she was able to rewatch the videos if she needed to and could redo problems that she missed during the exercises. This can be done either through a computer, or tablet.

I liked that I was able to print off worksheets for her to complete.  I only did this for lessons that I noticed she had struggled with. 

The lesson plan was a great tool for me to track her progress which could be used for documentation, if my state had those requirements.

Overall, 6th Grade Math from Thinkwell is a solid program. The only issue that I had was that I could not see her progress on my parent page.  However, I could easily track her progress from her page, so it was not a major issue to me. 

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