Reading Roundup: Big Lies in a Small Town

What Is It About?

Full of twists and turns, this book tells the story of two women, Anna Dale and Morgan Christopher. A time-hopper novel, this book takes place in present day, and 1940 as it tells a gripping story of two women whose lives have been forever changed by a mural.

Let’s start with Anna Dale. As an artist, Anna Dale, has been selected to paint a mural depicting the history of the town, that will be hung in the post office. She takes the job very seriously, enlisting the helping of several people within the town. However, the mural never gets hung, and makes it way to the hands of Morgan Christopher.

Morgan is serving time on her three year prison sentence, when she is given an unbelievable opportunity. She is paroled on the caveat that she must work to restore a mural in an ridiculously short amount of time. Morgan has no experience restoring murals, and is unsure why she was chosen.

Two women, separated by decades, have their lives changed forever because of this mural. One, charged with the task of painting it, seems to have lost her mind and disappeared. The other, charged with the task of restoring it, has been given a second chance.

What Did I Think?

First of all, the plot of this story kept me in suspense, the second half of the book. Just when I think I would figure something out, I was forced to regroup. The ending was a complete surprise for me. I didn’t see it coming at all, which is very rare for me. The first half of the story was hard for me to get through, however one I did, I read quickly and was on the edge of me seat.

I am normally not a fan of time-hopping novels, however, Diane Chamberlain did a great job of tying the two stories together. The writing was amazing, however, I did notice one error while reading the story. At the beginning of chapter 42, it mentions that it was the anniversary of her mother’s death, however, the actual occasion that left Anna feeling upset was her mother’s birthday. It was a minor detail, however, these things tend to bother me.

The characters, regardless if they were main character or supporting characters, were well developed. I connected with both women, for various reasons, and this connection helped keep my invested in the storyline.

“Big Lies in a Small Town” has a publication date of January 2020. I gave it 4 stars.

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