A Lamb in the Snow

It is no secret that I am a Christian.  My faith is something that I proudly profess.  I do not know everything there is to know about the Bible and God.  It is because of this that I strive to learn more.  I am a huge nerd (another fact I proudly profess).  I love learning.  I love doing Bible studies in an attempt to learn more.  Someday, I may even pursue a degree in theology.

It is this love of learning that has me reading a book for a course that I am reviewing.  That’s how big of a (proud) nerd that I am.  I am taking a course, simply to review it.  This book is the “textbook” for the course and is about unbreakable faith and defending this faith against unbelievers. 

While reading this morning, there was a quote that stood out to me.  I have thought about this many times, but today it really stuck. God needs nothing and lacks nothing.  Therefore, there is nothing that he gains from our creation.  

While God owes us absolutely nothing, we owe him everything.  Everything we are, everything we do, and everything we have has been provided by God.  Therefore, we should want to love, honor, and worship Him. 

One of the questions that I have heard asked about God is why he lets bad things happen to good people.  On the other hand, we need to look at our definition of what a good person is.  Do you get angry? Jealous? Do you treat everyone with love and kindness, even when you are wronged? Can you say that you have never done anything wrong, ever? The answer is no.  There has only been one person who can answer yes, and he died for our sins.

Many say that they are good because they don’t do drugs or haven’t killed anyone. However, in this line of defense, it would only be accurate if sins were on some sort of hierarchy and ranked in order of severity.  This isn’t the case.  All sins are created equal.

I read once that there was a little girl in a field.  When she saw a lamb among the green grass, she remarked about how white the lamb was. Later that week it snowed, and the lamb stood out in the field.  When the little girl saw the lamb, she complained about how dirty it looked next to the freshly fallen snow. 

The lamb in the grass is us and how we view ourselves against the world.  Compared to the sins of the world we think we are clean.  We think our sins do not soil us as much as the sins of another.  However, if we compare ourselves to Jesus, we would be the lamb in the snow.  Our sins would be shown, and we would look dirty against the blemish free life of Jesus.

Knowing this, how can we honestly ask why bad things happen to good people?  Are we good by our definition of good, or by that of God’s?  Are you comparing your sins to the world, or Jesus? 

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