Reading Roundup: Meet Me At Midnight

Jessica Pennington is a newer American author that resides in Michigan.  She writes YA novels, and now has three under her belt.  Loves Songs and Others Lies, When Summer Ends, and her upcoming release Meet Me At Midnight.

Meet Me At Midnight is set on a lake in Michigan. Sidney and Asher are the children of college friends.  Every year, their families vacation together in a set of cabin.  While they two got along the first summer of their joined trip, the following summers resulted in pranks and chaos.  This summer, possibly the last trip since they both are entering college, has made them both up their games.

However, after a prank goes wrong, and the families are tossed from their vacation home.  Asher and Sid must call a truce to keep from ruining their families vacation, which causes their summer plans to take an unexpected turn.

The setting of this novel is captivating, and well defined.  I love books that take place on water, and had no problems picturing the water that became such an integral part of the plot. 

The characters are extremely well developed.  The two main characters had their own personalities and provided elements of the story that kept me wanting to read.

Sidney is more like me, in that we both tend to look for the worse-case scenario. Despite our likeness, at times I found her pessimism to be annoying, but in a good way.  It was this annoyance that made me want to prove her wrong, so I kept reading ahead.

Asher was my absolute favorite. He is such a heartthrob, not just because of his looks, but also because of his compassion and kindness.  I fell in love with him a little bit, because he reminded me so much of my husband. He is easily one of my top three fictional character crushes.

I have never anything by Jessica Pennington before, however, I will definitely be reading more.  She has a unique writing style that impressed me. 

There are a few elements of drinking but the author is careful to prevent the characters from drinking and driving.  There are some other elements such as PG-rated, teenage hormones, and minor criminal mischief in the form of pranks.  Overall, I would think this is an appropriate read for teenagers 16 and up.

I give this story 5 amazing stars.  It was truly a book that I did not want to end.

Meet Me At Midnight has a publication date of April 7, 2020.  It can be purchased from Amazon for $9.99 on Kindle, and 17.99 in Hardcover.

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