Review: Heroes of History Meriwether Lewis from YWAM Publishing

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

My family and I live very near the Ohio River.  In fact, we see it anytime we venture a mile into our quaint downtown.  We have stood on its bank, driven over it on our way to church, and admired its beauty.  Although I am glad that my children are able to see its aesthetical beauty, I want them to understand the historical significance that it has.  When you live in a county named for one of the country’s most important explorers, you get a little excited when you are chosen to review Heroes of History Meriwether Lewis from YWAM Publishing.


YWAM Publishing was founded in 1960 and stands for “Youth With A Mission”. This Christian ministry has over 17,000 volunteers among its 900 locations in 140 countries.  With a wide variety of products such as biographies, audiobooks, and self-help books they are able to reach a variety of users.


Heroes of History Meriwether Lewis is a 232-page paperback book that helps bring American History to the fingertips of our youth.  Part of the 29-book “Heroes of History” set Heroes of History Meriwether Lewis details the life of explorer Meriwether Lewis, and is written for a ten-year old, however, can be used in a variety of methods.

 Meriwether Lewis, along with William Clark, were chosen by President Jefferson to explore the United States with the goal of finding a land route that would reach the Pacific Ocean. 

This book details the life of Meriwether Lewis from his childhood through his journey.  The details provided of his journey help the reader understand the dangerousness that this journey entailed as much of the area explored with unsettled wilderness inhabited by Indians  By traveling through major water ways as the Ohio River, and Missouri River, Lewis and Clark traveled 8,000 miles over two years.

My family was also given access to review the Heroes of History Meriwether Lewis study guide that correlates with the book.   The study guide has a Curriculum Guide for each group of users: homeschoolers, classroom use, and groups.

The Unit Guides provide opportunities to integrate language arts and social studies as it lends itself to writing and reading comprehension.

One of the most interactive portions of the Unit Guide is the “Display Corner”.  This allows the readers to bring in or display related to Meriwether Lewis.  Examples given are included in the image below.

We are lucky that we live in a county with a tie to Meriwether Lewis.  One of the things we did was visit areas within our community that had information about the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Each chapter also has four questions that are related to the reading.  These questions are derived from vocabulary words, a factual question, a question to gauge student understanding, and an open-ended question that forms an opinion or needs interpreted. These questions can be completed either orally or written, or a combination of the two.  It really is up to the teacher.

Student Explorations provide the reader with opportunities to dig deeper into the reading material through crafts, writing opportunities, and projects.  We are currently not at a point to create projects, as we are about halfway through the book.  However, the range of activities given for students to complete covers a variety of learning styles. 


Heroes of History Meriwether Lewis has been very relevant for us and our geographical location.  We have enjoyed learning about his journey, as well as learning about the history of our county.  The book and unit guide is well written, and provides the user with a variety of activities that would enhance the reading experience. 

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