Life is certainly different than it was a month ago. The weather is warmer. The days are longer. We are stuck at home for an unforeseeable amount of time. This definitely isn’t what I pictured for the last couple of days of March.

Usually, around this time, I am living at the ball field, as my kids are practicing on one team or another. I am laughing with other parents, and enjoying watching this phase in my children’s live. Yet, like everything else in our lives, it as if we have hit the pause button.

Except, we haven’t. The earth still rotates, the days still pass. My children are still growing, and our lives continue going by. But, it’s slower. Gone is the hustle and bustle of running from one place to another. Gone are the days when we await my husband to get home, so we can spend a few minutes with him, before we go to bed and start all over again.

We are lucky. He is one of the few professions in the medical field that is deemed non-essential in Kentucky. He is a physical therapist assistant, and works at an outpatient clinic. Until this pandemic is over, we get to spend our days with him.

We get the kids work down, we play outside, we play games, clean, cook, eat, watch tv, and try to spend time together as a family. We go for walks, while practicing safe social distancing. Trips to the grocery store happen only when we have to, and the walls of our home have become even more of a sanctuary.

Again, we are lucky. So many of our friends are in the medical field, and are in the midst of all of this. They aren’t getting this time to rest, and rejuvenate. Instead, they are putting themselves in harms way to help others. They aren’t getting a pause. They aren’t getting this time with those they love.

During this time, I am trying my best to be grateful. I am trying to spend time doing things that I love, that I usually put off to the side. I am trying to check on friends and family, to let them know that I care, and they aren’t alone.

My priorities are shifting. This pause has given me time to reflect–to think about where our focus has been, and where it should be. I miss the life that we knew. I miss being able to spend time with our friends and family. I miss so many aspects of our “normal”, yet I am embracing this time we have been given. I am reconnecting to my faith. This pause is exactly what I needed.

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