Reading Roundup: “Feels Like Falling”

My to be read pile is getting lighter with all the extra time I am being given.  I just finished “Feels Like Falling” by Kristi Woodson Harvey. 

Kristi Woodson Harvey has written such books as “Dear Carolina”, “Lies and Other Acts of Love”, “Slightly South of Simple” and “The Southern Side of Paradise”. She is the recipient of several accolades such as: Southern Living’s Most Anticipated Beach Reads, Southern Living’s Best Spring Break Reads, Southern Independent Bookseller Association’s Okra Pick, Parade’s Big Fiction Reads Every Book Club Will Love, Entertainment Weekly’s Spring Reading Picks and many others.

Kristi Woodson Harvey is an alumnus of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she majored in journalism.  She lives in North Carolina with her husband, and her son.

 “Feels Like Falling” takes place in North Carolina.  Since this is one of my favorite places ever, I was excited about the setting.  The author did a great job of describing the settings so that I was able to picture the scenes.  I loved the southern flair that was present in the setting and details.

The overall theme of the story is about finding yourself and living the life you are dealt.  Sometimes plans aren’t what we make them, and we find ourselves staring down a different path.

The story focuses on two women, Gray Howard (I love her name) and Diana Harrington.  These two women are as different as night and day.  Gray is wealthy, Diana is homeless.  Gray has been married, and is recently getting divorced, Diana has had a string of unhealthy relationships.  However, at an incidental meeting, the two women become fast friends as Diana is employed by Gray as her maid.

My favorite character was Gray.  I loved how she was able to let go of some of her “hangups” to be happy.  She was able to let go of the hurt that her ex-husband caused her, preconceived notions of what she thought her life would be like, and her need to control everything. 

Diana was a great character, I just felt like I couldn’t relate to her at all.  She has gone from one guy to another, always looking for something she had but once lost. 

I enjoyed reading this story, although, it took me a while to get into the story line.  I felt like it was a little slow in the beginning but picked up once Gray found herself a serious love interest.  I rooted for them throughout the story which made me become more invested in the story. 

There are elements in the story that revolved around foster care, abortion, and adultery.  This could be a trigger for a reader and I feel it is necessary to mention this.

The overall rating that I would give this book is a 3.5 out of 5.  I enjoyed the storyline, and I would definitely read more books by Kristi Woodson Harvey.

“Feels Like Falling” has an May 1, 2020 publication date from Gallery Books.  It can be purchased from amazon in Kindle format for $11.99, and paperback for $11.89.

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