The days drag on. What should be hours, is minutes, and it is hard to find things to occupy our time. We alternate between tv, books, walks, games but yet we feel like we are in a rut. We so desperately want things to return to normal. Or do we?

Normal was a constant state of stress. It was running from practice to practice and eating out all the time because you didn’t have time to cook.

Normal was rushing through the day and being exhausted by the time your head hit the pillow.

Normal was seeing your friends and family but playing on your phone while you were with them.

Normal was taking for granted the hugs that you received.

Normal was going to church, sitting in your seat, and going through the motions.

I don’t want normal. Not ever again.

I love the feelings of calm that I have from a simplified schedule. You know what, so do my kids. They have had more time to play outside and be a kid than ever before. We miss sports, but we don’t miss them consuming our whole life.

I want days that are long spent with my family. Instead of exhaustion, I want contentment and happiness.

I want to be with my loved one. REALLY be with them. I want to leave phones in the car and have meaningful conversations and laughs.

I want to hug my loved ones but not just as a quick hug when we leave them.

I want to go to church with this new fire that I have. I want to raise my hands in worship, take notes through the sermon, and love my church family.

I don’t want normal. I want better.

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