Reading Roundup: “The Summer House” by Lauren K. Denton

“The Summer House” is the first book of Lauren K. Denton’s that I have ever read.  It won’t be the last, as I loved her ability to tell a story.  Lauren K. Denton lives in Alabama, and in this book, writes about the area she knows best.  She has written other books such as “The Hideaway” and “Hurricane Season”. 

The story focuses around the life of Lily and Rose.  Lily’s life is turned upside down unexpectedly.  With nobody and no place to go, she finds herself at a retirement community run by Rose.  Lily is hired to be the community’s beautician and builds relationships with many of the residents.  Rose, a recluse in the community, bonds with Lily and they both grow throughout the summer.

Both characters are terrific women.  They each show tremendous growth and I was rooting for both throughout the story.  The theme of the story is starting over, and both women show their ability to do this.  Even the minor characters are enjoyable.

The setting was fun and made me want to visit this retirement community.  There were even references to Jimmy Buffet, which gave it a fun beachy vibe. 

I will say that I thought the story line was a little predictable.  This wasn’t a bad thing, as I enjoyed reading the story, but I wish there would have been just a little bit of surprise in the story.

“The Summer House” has a June 2, 2020 publication date.  It can be purchased in hardback from Amazon for $26.99 and on Kindle for $14.99.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this early release in exchange for my honest review. 

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