Review:Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course PLUS 3 Bonus Courses from Beyond the Stick Figure Art School

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

My children are always drawing, or creating works of art.  I have countess pictures they have created for me.  Yet, one phrase I always hear them say is “I wish I could draw better”.  This declaration prompted me to review Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course PLUS 3 Bonus Courses from Beyond the Stick Figure Art School.

About The Course

Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course PLUS 3 Bonus Courses was created by Sally.  She is a native Englander who homeschools her eight children.  (Hat’s off to her for this).  As a trained artist from the Loughborough College of Art and Design, Sally uses her knowledge to teacher others art through a systematic approach.

Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course PLUS 3 Bonus Courses provides me with access to several courses that my children can use. They can partake in the Complete Drawing Course, Pen and Ink, Watercolor, Acrylic, and 3D Design. 

To do this review justice, I want to discuss each of the courses in detail, to provide you with a well-rounded idea of what the course entails. 

The Complete Drawing course is divided into three parts.  Part one consists of 17 topics, but 15 days of lessons.  The lessons are in video format, with videos ranging in length.  None of the videos are very long in length.

Some of the lessons include a downloadable workbook for the student to work through.  These are small in length and work along with the video to allow children the opportunity to practice the skill.  I have a printer that allows me to print front and back, with multiple per page.  This helped me to save paper and make them easier for my children to manage.

Part one consists of lessons dealing with the types of lines such as straight and curved, shapes such as circles, and allows the student to combine these skills to create works of art.

Part two consists of 33 days of lessons.  The format is the same as part one.  The lessons are videos in which the student has access to downloadable workbooks and is allows to practice such skills as tracing curved lines, shading in shapes correctly. 

Part three consists of five days of lessons.  This part has them combining the elements they have practiced to create a flower by using a grid system. 

One unique feature of this course was that students are able to use a rubric to rate themselves on how they did. 

We did not get to complete any of these activities, in the remaining courses however, I have went through each course to see what it consists of tp provide an in-depth review of the product.

The Pen and Ink Course is divided into two parts.  This course, follows the same format as the Complete Drawing Course.  Part 1 consists of three days of lessons. Part 2 consists of 11 days of video lessons.  There were very few instances where there needed to be items downloaded for use. The students are given instructions on how to shade using ink and a cross hatched method.

The Watercolor Course is divided into three parts, consisting of 40 video lessons total.  During this course, students learn the importance of using the right type of paper, painting techniques, the use of tape to create pristine edges and other skills. 

I love the effect that watercolor has on paintings, and this is one of the courses I am most excited about. 

The Acrylic Course is divided into three parts, consisting of 17 days of video lessons. This course is very similar to the watercolor course in that students learn the importance of paper, and brush techniques. 

The 3 D Design Course is divided into three parts and 28 days of video lessons.  This is a media that I am unfamiliar with, so I am looking forward to seeing what my children are able to accomplish.  The sculpting techniques included in the videos help the student sculpt animals as well as how to paint them for a finished product.  Students are taught how to use sculpting tools correctly.

What Did We Think?

Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course PLUS 3 Bonus Courses was a family favorite.  There were several pros and cons for this program.   Some of the pros that we found were that the lessons were student led.  There was nothing for me to do other than print the template or workbooks when they were needed.  My children could pace themselves and move along as they needed to.  We simply kept a post-it note and each child wrote down what lesson they had ended on, so they knew where to begin. 

Another pro was that the videos were short, which kept my children’s attention.  The systematic way in which the lessons are taught helps students use their previous lessons to complete a final product, which helps build self-confidence.

It is very easy to navigate. The menu on the left allows you to click on the lesson you are working on.  You cannot move to the next lesson until you have marked the previous as completed. 

The only cons that we found was the price.  The actual course is $329 for a lifetime access.  Each member of my family can use the course, so that would make the cost more bearable.  $329 divided among my three children is approximately $130 per child. The fact that you are given access to 5 different courses, means that for each course for each of my three children makes it about $21 per course.  When looking at it in these terms the cost is a little easier for my household to justify.  Another cost incurred in this program is the materials that are needed.  The list of materials is extensive and costly.  There are some materials that you can substitute, or that are already found in your home, which also helps.

Overall, the knowledge gained from this course outweighs the costs that are incurred.  As homeschool parents, we want our children to gain a well-rounded education and Beyond the Stick Figure Art School has created a program that helps us do this.

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