5th Grade Entire School Year Curriculum from Homeschool Easy

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Homeschool is a very popular word right now. With COVID concerns, and public schools altering their calendars, more and more parents have voiced their readiness to homeschool. The only problem? What to teach? If only it were as EASY as clicking a button and having an entire grade level materials at your hands. Now it is, with 5th Grade Entire School Year Curriculum from Homeschool Easy

Homeschool Easy offers complete curriculums for grades 1-5, for the cost of $100 for each grade. Homeschool Easy focuses on traditional teaching, that provides students with about four hours of work a day. This is also done with minimal computer or technology use.

I was given access to review the 5th Grade Entire School Year Curriculum. Included in the curriculum are the following subjects: Reading (Chapter Books), Grammar, History, Math, Science, Spelling and Writing.

Reading (Chapter Books) is broken down into eight months of digital downloads, providing 32 weeks of lessons. Each month focus on a different chapter book. The following books are used, but not provided to the user: Charlotte’s Web, Holes, Hatchet, The Phantom Tollbooth, Islands of the Blue Dolphins, Where the Red Ferns Grows, Number the Stars, and Wrinkle In Time.

Each chapter book is divided into four weeks worth of lessons. The download provides the entire weeks worth of lessons that just need printed. I recommend binding them into a folder according to chapter books. This helped my son easily keep up with papers and to stay organized.

The lessons contain questions and vocabulary pages for each chapter.

The choice of stories to read are age appropriate, although I would recommend that parents screen the books to look for any red flags that may cause triggers in children. I would recommend this for any book that a child reads.

The activities are easy to follow, and allow minimal guidance from the parent, for most children. However, if a child has a learning deficit or requires more intervention, a parent would need to include it.

Grammar is broken down into 32 downloads. Each download includes an entire weeks worth of worth, with skills building on one another. Concepts include sentences and parts of speech.

The worksheets are easy to use, and are written very straight-foward.

An answer key is included that also provides links to videos that would help students with the skills.

History and Science are very similar. Both provide eight months of downloads, as well as activities that have students researching important topics and links to videos that students will watch.

History covers topics in American History from Native Americans, The Founding of our Country to more recent events such as World War I.

Science focuses on Matter, Force and Motion, and Weather.

The worksheets are once again easy to use.

Math provides the student with 32 weeks of downloads. The beginning lessons serve as a review for such concepts of Addition, Subtraction and Division. As the lessons progress the cover such topics as Area and Perimeter, Fractions, and Decimals.

The worksheets provide the student with plenty of practice working through the skill. As a former public school math teacher, this is something that I found particularly useful. Too many times the curriculum does not provide enough practice on skills.

Once again, answer keys provide links to videos to help students work through the lesson.

Spelling provided 32 weeks worth of downloads. Each week contains the spelling list, interactive word and definition cards, and worksheets/puzzles for the words.

Writing teaches the user the process for writing a variety of writing pieces such as persuasive essay, book reports, and an autobiography. Each month includes guides that walk the student through the process of creating the writing piece.

One of the only downfalls that I found with using the curriculum is the amount of ink and paper that was needed. One way to combat this is to have students use notebooks and pencils to write answers in. This may be a little more time consuming for the child, depending on the child’s writing abilities.

5th Grade Entire School Year Curriculum from Homeschool Easy makes homeschooling as easy as clicking a button.

If you would like to see a free one week trial of the products offered from Homeschool Easy, click here.

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