REVIEW: Coding for Kids Annual Membership from Simply Coding

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

It used to be that the only technology education that students received was a basic keyboarding class, where you learned to place your fingers on the home keys.  Today, students are learning entirely online.  Technology has evolved, and with this evolution, it has changed the way that education and our world moves.  As technology evolves, so does the type of instruction that children receive.  This revelation is what prompted me to review Coding for Kids Annual Membership from Simply Coding.

Simply Coding was created in 2013 when the cofounders, Seth and Joe, realized the need for coding to be taught to students.  Both men realized that neither of them had never been taught a “formal opportunity to learn computer science”.  They two worked to start a summer camp, comprised mostly of Joe’s nieces and nephews, that taught coding to students.  From there, Simply Coding, has been used to reach thousands of students.

Simply Coding’s mission is to “prepare youth with the core principals of how all software is created so they can feel confident and able to contribute to technology of the future.”

Coding for Kids Annual Membership gives students unlimited access to the coding courses offered by Simply Coding for one year.The cost is $99 for a single student, and $179 for a family membership of three accounts.

Coding for Kids Annual Membership includes a 10-day free trial; unlimited access to Simply Coding’s full homeschool curriculum pathway; support platforms such as live chat that is available from 9-6 CT; and email support during the evenings and weekends. It is also important to note that parents have the ability to cancel or freeze the billing at anytime.

The following image shows a complete list of courses that are available through the Coding for Kids Annual Membership

As you can see there are two beginner courses, five intermediate, and two advanced courses.  It is important to note that none of the classes provide the user with one full credit towards their high school credit count.  Instead, courses can be combined within a year, or throughout their educational pathway to meet the credit requirements.  

Courses are offered in web design, JAVA script, and game design.  They are written for students ages 11-18. (These age ranges are guidelines, depending on the student.)

My son, Josiah, is 11 years old.  Aside from typing and using educational websites, his exposure to computers is limited. He worked through the Intro to Websites course.  Due to his inexperience with computers, it took him longer to work through the lessons and he struggled a bit.  However, the course is written for the beginner student, so it was designed with the struggling student in mind.

Each lesson provides the student with written information to work through, as well as a video that helps explain the lesson’s concepts to the student.

Then students are given an activity to complete that corresponds to the information learned in the lesson.  It is real practice, as they use a program called Sublime to type their coding into, which then allows them to save and see what actions the code causes to happen.

At times my son got stuck and couldn’t get the code to work.  There was a great feature that gave him a hint.  This allowed him to double check the code he had written to see if was written correctly.  If not, he could fix it.  He learned from his mistakes.

Overall, Coding for Kids Annual Membership, has been a very beneficial add to our school schedule.  My son has enjoyed the lessons and is looking forward to moving on through other courses.

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