Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I have confessed my love of math hundreds of time before.  There is something so calming about anything that actually follows the rules.  That’s what I love about math.  I want my children to experience this love of math, and I know that in order for this to happen, I have to provide them with quality math products that will help them view math as fun and exciting rather than hard and challenging.  I was so excited to receive a one-year family subscription that includes four complete math courses from includes four complete math courses:  Basic Math, Advanced Math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra.  For the purpose of this review, we worked exclusively with the Basic Math course.  However, the image below shows what the other three courses teach the student.

When initially logged in, you are taken to the Group Leader Console.  This is the dashboard that allows you to see the progress.

Once you go to the desired course, you are taken to the student interface. 

On the left, students are able to navigate throughout the course to their lessons.  On the right of the screen is their lesson.

Each lesson follows a specific routine.

Once students watch the videos, they can scroll down to download the worksheet. There is also an answer key provided with allows for easy grading.

Once all of the lessons in the chapter are completed, students then take a quiz to determine their mastery.  Quizzes can be taken as many times as needed, and it is recommended that students taken the quiz until every question has been answered correctly.

Most of the quiz questions are multiple choice, however, there are some questions that require a written response, and they must be entered correctly.


We used four to five times a week.  At first, I wanted to just let my child complete the lessons they needed.  I had him start by taking the quiz for the first section.  He passed it, so I was going to let him skip it and move on to the next chapter.  However, that showed that our progress was low.  I then had him go back and complete the lessons that corresponded to that quiz.

The videos are relatively short, usually about five to six minutes. They are narrated by the teacher and provide several examples of how to do the skill they are learning.

My son really enjoyed this program.  He liked that there was a routine to follow and he knew what to expect.  However, we did wish that once you pass the quiz you could move on and still receive progress for the lessons in that chapter, without having to complete them. This would prevent boredom from the user, as they would not have to complete lessons/chapters they are already proficient in.

I liked that part of the lesson was online while the second portion was traditional paper and pencil.  In a household with multiple users this would allow for an easier usage.

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