Review: Failure Free Reading Home Edition

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew

Homeschooling is hard.  Society makes it seem as if we aren’t capable to teaching our children successfully, and the self-doubt starts to creep in.  We worry whether we are doing an effective job. Whether or not we are providing them with an education that rivals their public-schooled peers. It is because of this, that I am constantly on the lookout for curriculum or programs that helps me achieve my homeschooling goals.  I was interested in Failure Free Reading Home Edition and was chosen to review their online course. 

Before I get into our families experience with Failure Free Reading Home Edition, I first want to explain what it is, and the various components of the program.

The website describes Failure Free Reading Home Edition as being  “a nationally recognized reading comprehension program for students truly struggling to learn how to read with meaning and expression.” This program does not teach phonics, however, teaches more of a whole-word method of word recognition.

The former public school teacher in me was taught that reading had five areas that were crucial to students reading skills.  Two of these areas were phonics and phonemic awareness.  Even through this, I had children in my classroom who struggled with reading because phonics and phonemic awareness were difficult for them to master.  They needed more of a whole word approach where they learn the way the word looks and attaches the sound that word makes. 

This is where Failure Free Reading Home Edition understands that phonics mastery isn’t the end-all be-all of reading success.  According to research three out of ten students do not easily understand phonics and need a different approach to reading.

There are three parts to the Failure Free Reading Home Edition program.  Joseph’s Readers, Verbal Master and Life Skills work together to help the student vocabulary, comprehension and prosody (expression).  By clicking on the hyperlink associated with each part, you will be given access to a sample lesson.

Our experience with Failure Free Reading Home Edition was overall positive.  As with any online program, there are bound to be glitches.  When we first began the program, it took us several attempts to finish the assessment or begin the first lesson, because of glitches and issues with pop-up blockers.  However, once we got past that part, we haven’t had any issues from the program itself. 

I should not that we did not get to use the program as much as we should have because we had three winter storms hit our area, in a week, which caused significant power outages and issues with internet connectivity. 

The parent side of Failure Free Reading Home Edition is simple and straight forward to use. 

When you first login, you are taken to the dashboard which allows to access reports, and the student’s instructional lessons.

Students are also given their own login code. When they login, they are taken immediately to their next lesson.  This makes the program extremely easy to use, and self-paced.  Honestly, I didn’t have to oversee anything they did within the program.  There were no moments of “Mom, I don’t know what to do!”  It was peaceful and I wasn’t stuck in front of a computer trying to guide my children.

The lessons are short.  At most, twenty minutes, and when students are finished, it tells them so.  They can’t keep working past where they are supposed to. 

The program also has downloadable resources that parents use to help students master the concept. 

The most helpful aspect for me, as a parent, was the reports that are available.  With a quick glance of the reports, I can quickly see how my child is progressing through the lessons. 

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