Review: Everybody, Always for Kids

Disclaimer- I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We are a family of readers.  We love the library and bookstores.  Any opportunity that my children are given to read, is one we take advantage of.  Recently, we were offered the opportunity to read and review Everybody, Always for Kids by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich from Tommy Nelson Publishing

The premise behind Everybody, Always for Kids is that “The most important thing that God wants us to be is love.”  Everybody, Always for Kids teaches the concept that you should love everybody and love always.  It gives the reader a collection of 40 stories that describe and illustrate how love can be shown to others.

This book was fantastically written and beautifully illustrated. The illustration really helped to bring the examples alive as well as draw the reader into the stories. The stories were great examples of showing love to others. 

One of our favorites was story 22 “Be Not Afraid”.  This story is about the country of Uganda.  My children have a special relationship with someone from Uganda who has been here in the United States studying.  He is leaving in the next few weeks to go home.   This story is about being afraid to meet new people and how to overcome that fear because Jesus doesn’t want us living in fear.

We took turns reading the stories out loud to each other.   We tried to read one or two a day so that we could finish the book during the review period.  Some of the stories were short, while others were a little longer.  None were so long that they could not be finished in one sitting.

The recommended reading age for this book is ages 6-10, and grades 3-4. However, these ages are flexible.  They could be read aloud to kids who are younger.  There are 208 pages printed in full color. The pages are not a standard sized sheet.  The dimensions are 5.88 by 7.75 inches. It is a hardcover book.

This book was a great addition to our family library.  The wide variety of scenarios really helped to us to explore how we can show love to others and what God wants for our lives.  One such story is “Skydiving” which helped us to understand that part of loving others is showing an interest in what they like to do.

Everybody, Always for Kids  can be purchased for $10.27 from Amazon.

One great resource that was given to us was the PDF lesson plans that accompanied the book. The PDF contained a five-day lesson plan with that contained questions and crafts to help further build the ideas presented by the story.

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