Review Roundup: IXL Learning-Helping Learners Excel One Lesson at a Time

My children are as different as night and day.  So are their academic strengths and weaknesses.  My daughter has always struggled, just a bit.  Over the years, she has made such improvements, but it seemed to be never enough for her to score out of intervention groups in public schools.  My oldest son also struggled.  For him, it was more about never having time to finish his work or being too shy to ask for help.  School was a constant source of anxiety for him.  My youngest son generally does not struggle.  Most usually, he would get bored in the classroom because he already knew, or could quickly figure out, what he needed to do to solve problems. 

I started homeschooling my children for different reasons, however, the one thing that they each had in common was that their needs were not being met in the public-school setting.  The challenge for me was to find products, curriculum, and programs that will help each of them be successful.  Therefore, I was so excited that family was recently given the opportunity to receive and review an annual membership for IXL Learning.

What is IXL?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with IXL Learning, let me give you a little background information.  IXL Learning is an online, subscription-based site for grades K-12.  IXL Learning offers content for math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish.

How does it work?

The learner begins by taking a diagnostic test.  The diagnostic test provides the learner with an overall scale score, as well as scale scores for subsections of the subjects.  The scale score operates under the premise that the first number in the score indicates grade level.  The higher the scale score, the higher the child has scored in that grade level.  Here is my third-grade child’s diagnostic report for Math. 

His overall math level is 3rd.  However, if we look at the sub-scores, we see that he performed above 3rd grade in Numbers and Operations, as well as Data Statics & Probability.  Also, he scored below the third-grade level in Measurement.  

Based on the performance of the learner’s diagnostic assessment, IXL Learning then generates a list of recommendations for the child to work through providing them with an adaptive learning experience.   Some of these recommendations are their problem areas, whereas some recommendations are geared toward challenging them. 

What’s The Motivation?

When the learner chooses a recommendation, they are then given questions to answer.  Every correct answer boosts their score, every incorrect answer lowers their score. This provides the learner with immediate feedback.  Once the learner receives a high enough score, they are presented with a medal.  Once they reach a score of 100, they receive a prize. 

My oldest son really enjoys getting awards that he can uncover.  He is extrinsically motivated by this.  He never wants to stop doing IXL Learning because of this.  His goal is to earn all the rewards, in all the different grade levels and subjects.  We have compromised with him and allowed him to for a predetermined amount of time on the recommendations from his personalized learning, and then he can work on other areas to earn his rewards.  He thinks he is just playing, when he is really reviewing skills.  It’s a win-win for us. 

My daughter really likes that she can see all the lessons in a grade level subject.  For her, she likes being able to see the overall goal.  She knows what she needs to do to be successful in that grade level.  This is important to her.  When she sees the smaller steps and she can accomplish them, she becomes more motivated.

How do parent’s benefit?

As a parent, I like to be aware of how my children are performing. IXL Learning keeps me apprised of what my children are doing. I receive emails detailing their accomplishments.

I can even login and see a record of what my children are doing. I can view the data from their login sessions, as well as their overall performance in the last thirty days.

What’s the verdict?

IXL Learning has been the recipient of several awards, including the Readers Choice Award Platinum Award.  All of these awards help to show that IXL Learning knows what they’re doing in helping students succeed. 

IXL Learning is a great product to supplement your curriculum.  But don’t just take my word for it.  If you would like to read more reviews from our Review Crew about this amazing product, click the banner below.

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